Monkey Hunt Family Adventure

This tour is designed to last approximately 4 hours. It includes a drive through the countryside to a village known as Bermudian Landing. As we drive through the country side we will be narrating the history of Belize and it people.

Belize Monkeys howling on tree top


When we arrive at Bermudian landing we will have a short break. After the break we will hike on trails in the rain forest on Howler Monkeys in their natural habitat. As we hike through the rain forest we will be doing presentations in Medicinal Plants and Eco Systems.


Shane Calling the monkey from the tree top.


On this tour you get an up close view of howler monkeys. You will also hear them howl! This tour is ideal for young kids, senior, and every other age group.

Here kitty by Dmitry Dimov.

$75.00 per/ person