Zip Line, Jungle A.T.V, and Horseback Riding

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Horseback Riding, Zip Line, and Jungle A.T.V. is designed to last approximately 6 hours. It includes a 50 minute drive from Belize City to the western part of the rain forest of Belize. When we arrive at the rain forest we will have a short rest room break. After the break you will be introduced to your horses and instructed on how to control the horses. The horseback ride last approximately an hour.

After an hour horseback riding we will drive approximately 20 minutes to the zip line. When we arrive at the zip line site you will be assisted with your gears. The zip line part of the tour last approximately an hour. By the time you are through with the zip line tour, you’re a.T.V. will be waiting for you. You will have a short rest room break, and the A.T.V. adventure begins. You will be speeding through the rain forest of Belize for approximately 40 minutes.


After the A.T.V. ride you will be served with a local dish of rice and beans with chicken. After lunch you will be driven back to Belize City.

$200.00 per/ person

Special offer for group of 4+: $180.00 per/ person